The summer school will take place at Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung (FIR), Pontdriesch 14/16, 52062 Aachen, Germany. Aachen is the westernmost city of Germany, located along its borders with Belgium and the Netherlands, 65 km west of Cologne.


By car

From motorway intersection Aachen (A4/A44):
•    via motorway A4 follow direction Aachen/Heerlen/Antwerpen,
•    take the exit “Aachen-Laurensberg”,
•    then turn right into “Roermonder Straße” heading towards “Aachen-Zentrum”, follow this route for approx. 2 km until you reach the “Ponttor” (ancient building),
•    at the Ponttor turn left into “Saarstraße”,
•    then immediately after the 1st set of traffic lights turn right into “Veltmanplatz”,
•    then take the 2nd street on your right hand which is “Hermannstraße”
In case you arranged the possibility to park directly in front of the FIR-building during the time of your visit,
•    then take the 1st street right and follow “Pontdriesch”;
•    the FIR building is located at the end of the street on the right. Please contact the information desk.
Otherwise you can use the parking garage. From there FIR can be reached within a 5 minute walk:
•    At the end of “Hermannstraße” follow the 2nd road on your left named “Seilgraben”;
•    the entrance to the parking garage “Großkölnstraße” is another 20 m on your righthand-side.
Route planning online:

By plane

•    Airport “Düsseldorf International”:
By train via “Köln Hauptbahnhof” (main station) to “Aachen Hauptbahnhof” (main station).
•    or via airport “Köln Bonn Airport”:
By train to “Aachen Hauptbahnhof” (main station).
•    or via airport “Maastricht Aachen Airport”:
By the Interliner 420 or 421 (bus) direction Aachen to “Aachen Hauptbahnhof” (main station).
•    or via airport “Brussels Airport” Brüssel:
By Airport City Express (train) to station “Brüssel-Mitte” or “Brüssel-Nord”. From there via Lüttich to “Aachen Hauptbahnhof” (main station).

By train

Aachen is linked to the international railway network. Every two hours, the high-speed train THALYS operates via Aachen between Paris and Cologne. Besides ICE trains rum from Frankfurt to Brussels via Aachen. There are direct connections to the cities of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Siegen, Frankfurt/Main and Hamm. An hourly connection to Heerlen links Aachen to the Dutch railway system.
•    Via Aachen main station (“Aachen Hauptbahnhof”):
By bus to destination bus stop “Driescher Gässchen” or “Ponttor”.
•    or via station “Aachen West” (“Aachen Westbahnhof”):
By bus to destination bus stop “Driescher Gässchen” or “Ponttor”. Or 10 minutes to walk.
Further Information (“Deutsche Bahn” online):.

By bus

•    Via bus station “Driescher Gässchen” (see  in figure above):
Less than 1 minute to walk.
•    or via bus station “Ponttor” (see  in figure above):
A 2 minute walk.
Further Information (Information desk of “Aseag” online):

Did you know?

Aachen was a favoured residence of Charlemagne, and the place of coronation of the Kings of Germany.

Aachen predominate economic focus is on science, information technology and related sectors. For innovation, Aachen has been ranked 42nd globally out of 256 cities, and 8th in Germany.

Aachen has the hottest springs of Central Europe with water temperatures of 74°C(165°F).

Other Aachen Info

Some info on and around Aachen can be found here:

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